9 Things To Keep In Mind For Your Ranthambore Tiger Safari

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Spotting a tiger isn’t just luck. A lot of things like the weather, the place, your guide and even your behaviour play an important role. Here are a few tips to make your Ranthambore tiger safari a success!

Ranthambore Tiger Safari

1. Wear Forest Colours

When your tour includes a safari, remember to pick all the forest colours from your wardrobe. The beiges, dark greens, and browns will help you avoid undue attention and will increase your chances of spotting a tiger. Please note, this applies to accessories as well because green clothes and a red scarf is still considered bright.

2. Always Check The Weather

Rajasthan experiences extreme weather! While the summers are HOT enough to burn uncovered skin, the winters are cold enough to leave you freezing, despite layers. If your safari is during the winter months (November to February) remember to pack layers. However, if summer is your pick, then even a normal T-shirt feel will feel like a sweater. So light, loose, cotton, linen or khadi clothes are your best bet.
PS: Carry sunscreen regardless of the weather conditions.

3. Straps On Everything, Including Your Glasses

The roads and tracks inside Ranthambore National Park are uneven and your ride can get bumpy. This puts your camera and glasses in extreme danger, so put straps on everything to avoid breakage or loss.

The tracks and trails can get quiet bumpy, camera straps are life savers during safaris

4. Always Listen To Your Guide

At the start of your safari, your guide gives you a set of instructions like:
* Talk softly
* Don’t stand up when the vehicle is moving
* Never get out of the vehicle inside the forest
* Do not mock the animals
* Don’t feed the animals or birds
And so on…
It is very important to observe these rules as they go a long way in making your jungle safari a success.

Even tigers need an occasional drink

5. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Trust uncomfortable shoes to spoil the mood! If given a choice between looking stylish and being comfortable, always opt for the latter on a jungle safari. Also, ensure that you wear closed shoes to protect your feet from the sun, thorns and blood-thirsty insects.

6. Carry Extra Everything

Carry backups for EVERYTHING! Memory card, batteries, portable chargers, pack them all. A little caution will save you some major regret later.

Backups are necessary for such picture perfect moments!

7. Binoculars Are Important

Cameras and phones are important but there’s no safari without a pair of good binoculars! Not only will a handy pair make bird-watching more fun, it also helps you see clearly when your guide points out almost impossible-to-spot birds and animals.

A tigress rests on a tree trunk

8. Carry Medicines

If you get sick on a bumpy ride, are sensitive to various food, or have some allergies, carry your prescribed drugs, because you will probably not get it near the jungle. Also be sure to carry the basic medicines in your first-aid kit.

9. A Tiger Safari Isn’t Only About The Tiger

A tiger safari is more than just the tiger. It’s about the excitement of being out in the wild and seeing animals and birds in their natural habitat. Spotting a log of wood and realising that it’s a crocodile, catching a glimpse of the nocturnal leopard, watching a peacock dance to impress his mate, experiencing that ‘awww’ moment when a chital nuzzles her calf, or realising that the neelgai is larger and taller than you ever imagined! And the safari across Ranthambore’s different zones means there is more to see than just these magnificent animals. Witness the superb landscape come alive, unravel the legends and stories of the once mighty fort, pay your respects at the old temples, and meet the warm people. With all this and more, a safari in Ranthambore is a wonderful experience; so, are you game?

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