What Really Makes The Ajanta Caves Such A Marvel? (VIDEO)

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During the early 19th century, a British army officer, Captain John Smith discovered the horse shoe shaped cliff while he was hunting near Aurangabad. Out of curiosity he crossed the river Waghora only to find the 30 caves underneath the cliff. All of them beautiful and decorated with thousands of carvings.

The 2000-year old Ajanta Caves are one of the oldest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. At the entrance, you’ll find a large hand-chiseled statue of Lord Buddha followed by many other carvings and sculptures that further depict the life of Gautham Buddha and also various incidents from the Jataka Tales. Adorning the walls of these caves are also scenes from the royal court of the different eras.

The story of Captain John Smith’s surreal sight of the hand chiseled Ajanta Caves spread like wildfire and even today travellers from all across the world visit the Ajanta Caves to admire its surreal artistry.


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