Indian Martial Arts – Kushti In Kolhapur

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Indian Martial Arts – Kushti In Kolhapur

Kushti, a form of wrestling that is also known as ‘Pehlwani’, is a traditional martial art practised in Kolhapur. This form of Indian martial arts is practised in a ground called ‘Akhada’.

The specialty of Kolhapur’s Kushti is that it is practiced in mud. The Pehlwans smear mud all over their oiled bodies as they wrestle. Under Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj’s patronage, Kushti grew at a quick pace, and this form of wrestling has been extremely popular, especially with the youth, for decades. Although there are very few Akhadas that practice Kushti today, you can find many training centres in Kolhapur. Men of all ages practice this martial art form for over 6 hours daily, burning up to 4,000 calories on an average per day.

This adrenaline-packed form of  Indian martial arts is an intensive sport, which not only showcases brute strength but also quick thinking and expert wrestling techniques. If you’re in Kolhapur, make sure to add Kushti as a must-see on your itinerary; your trip would be incomplete without it!

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