Indian Martial Arts – Mardani Khel In Kolhapur

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Indian Martial Arts – Mardani Khel In Kolhapur

A Maharashtrian Martial Art form, Mardani Khel found its significance in the 1600s. It flourished under the Maratha Empire during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Peshwa and Shahu Maharaj. This Indian Martial Arts owes its inception to the geographical conditions of Maharashtra. Since Maharashtra was a region full of valleys and caves, the inhabitants were forced to adopt Mardani Khel using light armour, mobile cavalry units and guerrilla tactics, during way.

Mardani Khel is a form of Indian Martial Arts which has 14 ways to wield weapons, including swords and sticks. Chhatrapati Rani Tarabai reinforced this art to be passed on to the common people including women and children. The queen herself was well-trained in this martial art form. Even today, this martial art is practiced by women, as much as men with the same fervour at Kolhapur. Dozens of schools train more than 1,500 students, every year.

Mardani Khel displays strength, precison and pride dwelling in the folks of Maharashtra where men and women join in unison to practice an age-old martial art form. They rigourously train to achieve perfection in their stratergic moves and techniques. Don’t miss out on a chance to witness the grand spectacle of this Indian Martial Arts on your next visit to Kolhapur!

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