Maharashtra Splendor
This journey has been designed to bring together experiences that introduce you to the fascinating regions of Konkan and the Deccan. Come aboard to savour delicious wines in Nasik, marvel at the beautiful ancient art galleries in Ajanta and Ellora, and turn back time in the historic city of Kolhapur. A halt at India’s favourite party state, Goa, is also on the cards. We’ve named it Maharashtra Splendor for a very specific reason, join us and you’ll discover why, yourself.

Maharashtra Wild Trail
The hinterlands of Maharashtra are famed for their vast and varied landscapes. On this journey, we’ll take you across the majestic Western ghats, the beautiful central India and also halt at some of the Deccan region’s most splendid attractions. These stops include the renowned Pench National Park and Tadoba Tiger Reserve, the striking Ajanta and Ellora Caves, and Maharashtra’s wine capital, Nasik. Definitely, a trip you won’t forget anytime soon!

Hidden Treasures Of Gujarat

Often left out of tourists’ maps, Gujarat houses more than a few treasures worth exploring. Our expedition, Hidden Treasures of Gujarat, is all about discovering these jewels. Your eight day journey aboard the Deccan Odyssey will get you acquainted with the thought-provoking ruins of Vadodara, the spirituality of Palitana, the Rann’s stark wilderness and the ingenuity of the Asiatic lions at Gir wildlife sanctuary. All this in one spellbinding journey!

Indian Odyssey

Aboard one of India’s most iconic trains and on an equally amazing journey, you’ll witness a graceful blend of the past and the present. On this grand odyssey, witness historic buildings amidst sparkling sky scrapers, and fancy metropolitan cities that narrate stories of a remarkable past. Jaipur, Agra, Udaipur, Mumbai, Ranthambore and Delhi are some of the places we’ll explore and discover. All you need to bring along is a camera to capture priceless moments. We’ll take care of everything else!

Indian Sojourn

Everything that comes to mind when you think ‘A trip to India’ is included in this itinerary. From glorious ancient caves and tiger spotting, to an introduction to India’s unique traditions. And as you sit back and relax in luxury, the train will glide across Mumbai, Udaipur, Vadodara, Jodhpur and Rathambore. Simply put, this is an extraordinary exploration of India aboard an equally astonishing train.

Jewels of Deccan

Our Jewels of Deccan itinerary promises a journey that stays with you for a lifetime. We take you to places where every piece of architecture quietly tells a story. You’ll explore the Adil Shahi dynasty in Bijapur, the Chalukyan dynasty in Aihole & Pattadakal, and the powerful Vijayanagara kingdom in Hampi. Pit stops at quaint little towns to savour the best Dakkhani cuisine and shopping at world renowned handlooms will further elevate this amazing experience. Who says train journey’s are boring?