Shopping in Goa? Here’s Our 7 Must-Buy Goan Souvenirs!

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Want to go shopping in Goa? Miniscule in size but big on fun, Goa is a state that features on the bucket list of travellers in India and abroad alike. The sun-sand-and-sea, excellent views, welcoming people, cheap alcohol, and plenty of options for party lovers as well as those seeking a calming escape – Goa has it all. Almost every visitor wishes he/she could stay back forever, but the best one can do is to take a slice of Goa back with you in the form of souvenirs. 

Among the best souvenirs are photographs of Goan sunsets like this one

Among the best souvenirs are photographs of Goan sunsets like this one

Shopping In Goa: Wondering What To Buy?

Being a tourist hotspot, the state has many options for shoppers, but here are the top picks of souvenirs/things to buy in Goa from a Goa vacation:

#1 Feni

Shopping in Goa - The famous Goan drink, Feni is prepared with cashew apple

The famous Goan drink, Feni is prepared with cashew apple

What’s a good beach vacation without alcohol? And when shopping in Goa, the local favourite Feni, is a must buy. The alcoholic beverage is available in cashew and coconut flavours, so you can pick whichever you develop a taste for. Feni also makes an excellent Goan gift for those back home. The best thing about buying Feni is that it is quite affordable. This country liquor is mostly made from cashew apples, so if you are a teetotaller you can carry back some local cashew produce to have a taste of Goa at home.

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#2 Seashell Handicrafts

Shopping in Goa - From jewellery to home décor, pick from an array of shell-themed crafts

From jewellery to home décor, pick from an array of shell-themed crafts

Seashells are one of the best souvenirs from a beach holiday, and a few shells that you picked from Goa’s beaches yourself, can make for a pretty enough souvenir for your home. But there are other options too, sold as handicrafts by the locals. Paperweights, ashtrays, home décor products, photo frames, jewellery, and jewellery boxes, are just a few of the seashell handicrafts sold in Goa. These are available at roadside stalls as well as stores all over the state and more in tourist-frequented places like Anjuna beach market. But do not forget to bargain while shopping in Goa.

#3 Azulejos

Shopping in Goa - An Azulejo painting in the traditional blue-and-white colours

An Azulejo painting in the traditional blue-and-white colours

Talking about Goan crafts, one art form that is ubiquitous in the state is Azulejo. Among the many Portuguese influences is this type of artwork that is hand-painted on tiles. You will see this on nameplates in traditional Portuguese villas all over the place and even in some store signs.

There are several stores where you can take your pick while shopping in Goa for painted Goan tiles. Get a painting of Goan landscapes or even a customised nameplate for your home.

#4 Spices

Shopping in Goa - Spices on display at the Anjuna market

Spices on display at the Anjuna market

Yes, Goa is known for its spices too. If you love food, you probably plan to tuck into some delicious Sorpotel, Vindaloo, Xacuti, and other Goan dishes during your holiday. Chances are that you will want to have some even after returning home, and carrying some of Goa’s pre-mixed masalas will help you rustle up that unique flavour.
While shopping in Goa for Goan spices, these are best bought from Anjuna Beach flea market, Panjim Market, Margao Market, and the Mapusa Friday Market.

#5 Bebinca

Shopping in Goa - Bebinca is a Goan sweet famous all over

Bebinca is a Goan sweet famous all over

While on the subject of food, travellers with a sweet tooth must carry back some Bebinca from a Goan holiday.  Your shopping in Goa is incomplete if you don’t buy their famous Goan dessert – Bebinca! Packed with coconut milk, eggs, and sugar, this decadent Portuguese desert is baked one layer at a time, giving it a lip-smacking flavour and softness. The number of layers can vary from five to fifteen, so there is a lot of hard work and time that goes into making this sweet.

You will find Bebinca almost everywhere in Goa, from bakeries in Porvorim to hawkers at railway stations. It comes neatly packed in boxes, so you can carry it everywhere. When at home, eat warm Bebinca with some ice cream and almonds for an unforgettable taste.

#6 Prints & Artwork By Mario Miranda

Shopping in Goa - A Goan art sample by famous cartoonist Mario Miranda

A Goan art sample by famous cartoonist Mario Miranda

Goa is inseparable from Mario Miranda. An iconic Indian painter and cartoonist, Miranda was popular for his Goan pop culture-themed art and caricatures. When talking about souvenirs, it cannot get more Goan than this! You need not buy expensive original paintings while shopping in Goa; the state has plenty of places selling wares with Miranda’s artwork printed on it.

Visit any of the Mario Miranda Galleries or Panjim market to see his instantly recognisable artwork with caricatures of fisherwomen, pot-bellied musicians, and roadside hawkers. These are available as tiles, fridge magnets, home décor items, mugs, and even engraved wood pieces. If you want, you can get customised designs printed too, on T-shirts, etc. What better way to pay tribute to such a legendary artist than to proudly display his work on your shelf?

#7 Junk Jewellery & Accessories

Shopping in Goa - Choose from an array of colourful necklaces, which also make wonderful gifts for people back home

Choose from an array of colourful necklaces, which also make wonderful gifts for people back home

Take a stroll along any of the roads approaching famous beaches or when you go market shopping in Goa. You will see rows of street-side shops and hawkers selling beaded jewellery, mirror-work handbags, accessories, and what not. The ladies are sure to love these, but there are choices for men too. Bandanas, bracelets, rings, footwear and a lot more will vie for your attention at these stalls.

Give yourself a hippie makeover with these colourful beaded accessories to get into the true Goa-tourist spirit. If you do not fancy a complete makeover, the dainty silver pieces are sure to tempt you into buying more than you intended to. There are temporary henna tattoos too, if you are interested. But as with other roadside stalls, bring on your best bargaining skills while picking up jewellery and accessories while shopping in Goa.

First published on: Aug 11, 2017

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